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Although we attempt to avoid litigation, sometimes suing the other person is the only available remedy to protect your Company’s interests. Sometimes, because of circumstances, a Company gets sued.

Litigation is scary, fast paced, strategic and costly. Whether you are being sued or suing another party, you need to have a clear understanding of your goals and strategy around those goals is critical in keeping costs as low as possible and achieving a desirable outcome.

We handle business litigation disputes in the Chicagoland area. We have assisted companies in managing out-of-state litigation. International litigation is rapidly emerging and we would be glad to assist you in managing those issues.


  • Has someone sued you in state or federal court for a product or service you provided?
  • Do you have the basis for a lawsuit against someone in state or federal court for an issue that has had significant impact on you or your business and that you feel you have proper basis for compensation?


Services deliverable during this stage of company life cycle:

We provide counsel related to the impact of litigation and strategies and responses to litigation (whether being sued or suing others).