Making Technology Law Simple


Our Client Services Model

After many years of legal practice, we have created a 7-step approach to managing the business lifecycle of a technology company.

Where are you today in your company life-cycle?

Our Unique Services

We are unique in our combination of business, technology and law, all in a one-stop shop. We are uniquely experienced with over 20 years of practice, working with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups.

We have done it before. We will do it again for you!

We work to understand who you are and your goals. We understand the nuances of being a “big guy” in the industry, as well as being a startup in the industry. We understand how a big guy is slow to change, but has tremendous power to get deals done. The startup is more nimble and can move faster, but is constantly struggling against larger, better funded competitors.

We work in the technology arena every day. We understand the rapidly changing tech environment!

We understand the possibilities of “future technologies”. We have taken technologies from the research lab to product on numerous occasions.

One of our biggest advantages is our enthusiasm, our excitement. We live and breathe technology. We look forward to the newest and best technology (every day). We are able to see technologies and the marketplaces that will drive them, far in advance of the consumer market (and much of the legal market).

We realize our clients are creating “bleeding edge” technologies. We know these technologies create new markets, with new opportunities and new risks.

We are not afraid of technological change. We recognize that technology is a rapidly changing marketplace.

Our clients benefit, because we can provide advice on different business, pricing and technology models they might not be aware even exist.

We like working with engineers, technology experts and business executives. We are able to talk to each of those groups at their own level. We provide feedback from one group to other groups, in a way that they each understand what we’re all trying to accomplish.

We are good at marrying various ideas together. We provide state-of-the-art protection methods to assure the competition doesn’t steal the idea and create their own business.

We’re not just technology folks. We are business attorneys as well. We have extensive negotiation skills from years of work with companies such as Allstate Insurance, First National Bank of Chicago and Motorola. We are then able to develop documents to accurately reflect the understandings of the parties and get it written and executed, so that you can get to market with your ideas, faster and easier.