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Who We Serve

Our clients are inventors, developers, investors, consultants, and management.

We work with these technology business owners searching for ways to get their technology to market, generating revenues, faster… and protect the underlying intellectual property of their business.

Our Clients may be business owners acquiring technology for use within their own business or integrated into their product offerings; They may be law firms or CPAs needing quality referrals on technology matters; They may be consultants with a project that needs to be documented around a statement of work (SOW); They may be management, investors and/or technologists having legal issues related to employees or each other.


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We understand and we are excited about the technology industry. We have a successful track record in solving problems for hundreds of clients, big and small.

Do you want to legally protect your technology business ideas?

Do you wish you could talk to a business attorney that understands the technology industry and listens?

Well, now you can protect your business ideas!

You can get advice from a business attorney, willing to listen to you.

A lawyer that is highly experienced in the technology and business.

Do you want to learn more about:

  • What options are available to protect your software or other technology?
  • Whether or not your idea is patentable?
  • What things you should protect through trade secret and what you should copyright or maybe patent?
  • How do you get international protections for your product (especially over the Internet)?

Do you:

  • Need to put documents together to create your new company? Are you one of the founding group and need advice?
  • Need to clarify ownership issues with investors and/or founders?
  • Need someone to go through with you the various types of corporate structures?
  • Want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of those structures to your business opportunity?
  • Have you been operating the business with other founders and now need to have the agreements put in writing (clarified) before the business starts to generate revenue?
  • Have you been generating revenue from your company and now find that some of the founders are not agreeing with the “direction” of the company?
  • Do you need assistance in preparing business planning or venture funding documents? Want advice on developing business models and valuation issues arising from investment in your company?
  • Do you have a very good business idea and now need funding to hire people or purchase inventory, or pay to have engineering work done, and need help in what you have to do to raise venture capital?
  • Need someone to talk to related to business planning?
  • Do you need someone to review what you’ve already prepared and get feedback on how to present it to interested investors?
  • Do you need someone to go through with you the options for the types of stock you might offer, debt versus equity, how much of the company to give away for how many dollars, or valuation of the business at this point in time?
  • Do you want someone to talk to as business counsel on how to handle employee matters?
  • Do you want assistance with licensing issues? Licensing to customers or licensing of third party software integrated into your company’s product?
  • Do you want advice on operational business/law issues (i.e. leases, privacy, security policies, contract review, etc.)?
  • Do you want advice regarding how to negotiate and/or litigate a disagreement between the founders, investors, technologists, suppliers and/or management?

Well, you have come to the right place!

We PROTECT Your Ideas; Get Your Technology To Market, Generating Revenues Faster.

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